Pengembangan mesin 2 Tak

Hey…kabar-kabari sih 2 tak mo digusur ??? ngga sesuai ama uji emisi, lingkungan hidup, dan polutan yg tinggi ( co2 ). Nah, pengembangan 2 tak berikut ini kali aja bisa membuka pikiran kita … bahwa teknologi 2 tak masih bisa berkembang.

Mesin 2 tak yg bersih dengan RetroFit Technology
1. Conventional Two Stroke Technology

Two stroke cycle engines are rugged and inexpensive power sources which are favored in much of the developing world. Pollution from 2-stroke engines is due to the traditional method of fuel delivery. Carbureted 2-stroke engines use an air/fuel mixture to force exhaust products from the engine, a process referred to as scavenging. This results in a loss of over 35% of the fuel which is never burned in this system. As a result, the exhaust is high in hydrocarbons. To achieve a more stable combustion, conventional 2-stroke engines generally operate in a fuel rich mode, contributing to high levels of carbon monoxide emissions. Finally, conventional 2-stroke exhaust is high in particulate matter due to over oiling and unstable combustion.

2.Direct In-Cylinder Fuel Injection Two Stroke Technology

Drawings courtesy of Orbital Engine Corporation

New technology, which uses direct in-cylinder fuel injection (DI) results in more complete combustion of the fuel, resulting in better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. In a DI engine only air is used for scavenging because the fuel is injected directly into the cylinder later in the compression cycle.

Scavenging losses are greatly reduced, resulting in much lower hydrocarbon emissions. Due to the improved combustion stability, particulate emissions are reduced and the engines can be programmed to run leaner, resulting in reduced carbon monoxide emissions.

Some have proposed replacement of carbureted two-stroke engines with simple carbureted four-stokes as the solution to two-stroke emissions.� As can be seen from the table below, a direct injected two-stroke engine not only outperforms a carbureted four-stroke in performance and emissions, but also through fuel savings, provides a means for�quick payback of the initial cost.

A Comparison of a Direct Injected Two-Stroke and Carbureted Four-Stroke�when Compared to the Stock Carbureted Two-Stroke�

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